What Causes Sore Spots On Scalp?

Many of you have asked, what causes sore spots on scalp, so have dedicated a whole article to answering your question. And of course as usual, I will give you the advise your looking for to solve your problem.

First of all, I'm going to assume you aren't talking about a tight fitting hat, or tight pony tails causing the issues. But a more serious problem such as itchy, crusty, flaky, or bumpy sores on your scalp.

So What Are These Sore Spots?

What causes sore spots on scalp in most cases is commonly referred to as scalp dermatitis. Dermatitis is a skin disorder which is an inflammation of the skin in isolated areas. When on your skin, you can easily detect it by it's redness, and even crusty characteristics.

However, when the scalp is affected, you don't see the condition, but rather feel it's effects. Often times what causes sore spots on the scalp is thought to be severe dandruff. Which of course it can be in some cases. But if you are experiencing any lumps, scabs, or soreness, it is more likely scalp dermatitis.

Treating Sore Spots On Scalp

Now, fortunately, the best treatment for your condition, whether severe dandruff or dermatitis is the same. Dandruff shampoos aren't in most cases going to be enough to clear up your scalp. The problem is the active ingredients simply are not in contact long enough to treat the condition. That's why we developed our hair products with FDA approve active ingredients which remain in continual contact with your scalp providing around the clock therapy. My #1 recommendation for clearing up what causes sore spots on your scalp is Flake Free tea tree hair gel with zinc and natural herbal ingredients.


It is formulated with zinc pyrithione, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and a whole host of beneficial herbal ingredients like chamomile, horsetail, nettle, wild cherry, guava, and dandelion extract. All of these combined in a great styling gel.

Simply use like a normal styling gel working into your scalp with your finger tips. This will get the ingredients down to the root of your problem. I personally cleared my scalp up in a couple of days many years ago using FlakeFree therapeutic gel.

Since I have an ongoing dermatitis problem, I use FlakeFree at the slightest sign of a flare up. I also use our lotion which has the same active ingredients on my skin when I have flare ups, with the same effective results.

Some of you who have asked, what causes sore spots on scalp, are also experiencing lumps or bumps which when scratched off are either a yellowish clump, or even a reddish scab. This is normal with scalp dermatitis. Dermatitis weeps fluid, and when this dries, it becomes a clump or bump and sometimes scabs over from scratching.

I recommend Flake Free tea tree oil hair gel because it is easily worked into the scalp. Simply style as usual, preferably after showering. We also have Flake Free available in a spray form, but I recommend using the gel first, and the spray between treatments since the gel is easier to work into your scalp. If you have sore spots on your scalp, you definitely don't want to use normal styling products. If you don't like the hold styling products provide, simply run a comb or brush through your hair after it sets to soften the hold.

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