Common Pictures Of Dermatitis

What does dermatitis look like?  As we see in this dermatitis picture it is inflammation or redness of the skin. It is not uncommon to be marked by flaking and itching of the affected area. There are several types of dermatitis which are discussed in numerous articles in our main index.

picture of dermatitis

Many of you who suffer from dermatitis not only have symptoms on your skin in various parts of the body. But frequently the scalp is also affected.

We have found the system of rotation therapy is the most effective in keeping your outbreaks at bay. Simply put, rotation therapy is the method of using several different topical solutions for different parts of your body which give you a well balanced approach to your treatment.

One of the very best treatment options is to us this high quality dermatitis lotion with zinc and tea tree oil.

Dermatitis On The Chest

dermatitis on the chest picture

The center of the chest is a common area affected by dermatitis as seen in the picture to the right.

Elbows, legs and the scalp are also commonly affected although you may have isolated spots anywhere on your body or much larger areas affected in severe cases.

dermatitis on face pictureDermatitis on the face is also a very common occurance particulaly with young children and infants. This can be due to an allergic reaction to laundry detergent (very common with infants) as well as food, plants, etc.

Children and infants in particular havn't fully developed their immune systems which is why it is extremely common.

Our lotion will clear up these symptoms fast, but you also want to determine the cause, so first start with trying a laundry detergent speicifically for infants & don't forget sheets and blankets.


Skin And Scalp Dermatitis Treatment

dermatitis treatment products

Using products formulated with natural herbal ingredients combined with active ingredients like zinc pyrithione, tea tree oil, and salicyllic acid (willow tree extract) will provide the best results.

Apply the lotion twice daily to affected areas and the scalp products daily to clear up your skin and scalp as quickly as one day.

Below is a list of the best herbal ingredients we know of. The featured products on our site are the only ones we can recommend for you from our personal experience.

Dermatitis Product Details

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