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Millions of people suffer from one type of dermatitis or another. It is simply stated an inflammation or redness of the skin. There are several types, Atopic, Contact, Seborrheic & Perioral Dermatitis. We offer numerous articles discussing the most common ones with pictures and recommended treatment options.

As our site name implies, after giving information regarding each type, our focus will be treating your symptoms. We emphasis the use of natural herbal ingredients combined with the most effective FDA approved active ingredients formulated into topical products as the best way to relieve your symptoms.

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Dermatitis also known as eczema often appears as a rash that may become crusty. This is due to the weeping effect of fluid which then dries and becomes crusty. It may itch or even burn if the inflammation becomes extremely severe.

It is also not uncommon for many of us to experience symptoms on our scalp. Many times this is mistaken for severe dandruff. If you feel bumps, lumps, or even scabs on your scalp when you scratch it, you probably have scalp dermatitis.

One of the best treatment options is to use a quality dermatitis lotion with zinc and tea tree oil.

Recommended Treatment

dermatitis treatment productsIf you are experiencing symptoms on your skin our therapeutic lotion will clear them up. It is formulated with FDA approved zinc pyrithione in addition to tea tree and peppermint oils.

The anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties of the active ingredients provide fast and effective relief.

For symptoms on the scalp, we have formulated the same FDA approved active ingredients into a salon quality hair gel which provides continual therapy by simply styling your hair.

This is much more effective than therapeutic shampoos which are only in contact with your scalp for a few moments. Work FlakeFree therapeutic hair gel into your scalp with fingertips preferably after showering. Can be used daily or at the first sign of symptoms returning.

Apply the lotion once or twice a day until symptoms disappear. Can be used for numerous other skin problems such as burns, insect bites, foot fungus and even acne. FlakeFree lotion is also a great moisturizer.

Let's get back to your symptoms, and what you need to know. Many types are caused by allergies, or coming into contact with a chemical or plant. Many asthmatics, or people with hey fever or other similar allergies are particularly susceptible. Heredity is also thought to be a contributing factor.

As you scroll through the list of dermatitis articles, keep in mind that if what you are specifically looking for isn't listed, please feel free to ask a question on our new help line below.

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