Natural Atopic Dermatitis Treatment

Atopic dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin as can be seen in the pictures below. Atopic refers to the tendency to develop allergies. Many of us with asthma, and other allergy sensitive disorders are more susceptible.

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Scratching and itching the affected area can cause the inflamation to increase. In some cases it may even become fluid, or weep, in which case there may also be a crusting over. The face, scalp, elbow, armpits, and knees are the most common areas affected, but it is certainly not isolated to these areas.

The first thing all of us want to know is, what do we do about it. Obviously if we know what the allergen is it is to be avoided. If not, during flare-ups unusual elements recently exposed to may be considered. Including foods, plants and or chemical substances

How To Treat Dermatitis

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For immediate relief and to heal inflammation, flaking and crusting, we recommend natural herbal ingredients formulated into topical solutions which have antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and many other beneficial properties.

Flake Free dermatitis lotion with zinc and tea tree oil will stop the itching and start healing your skin the very first day. Apply twice daily until your skin clears up and then at the first sign of a flare up. Safe for daily use as a great moisturizer.

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Not only does atopic dermatitis effect the skin, it is also very common to have scalp dermatitis as well. Many of our readers ask us questions about itchy bumps on their scalp which ooze and bleed when they scratch them.

This is classic scalp dermatitis. As the inflamed areas weep fluid and crust over, they become very itchy and frequently bleed when scratched.

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We've formulated zinc and tea tree oil as well as natural herbal ingredients which remain in contact with your scalp to provide fast effective relief.

Atopic Dermatitis Causes

Prevention Tips

Along with using zinc and tea tree lotion to heal your atopic dermatitis fast, you should also consider changing some of the triggers. Eat a healthy diet as well as get plenty of exercise, even if it's just taking a daily walk.

Avoid excessive dust, animal dander, harsh chemicals and detergents, as well as handling plants without gloves. Wear loose fitting clothing which won't irritate your skin.

Consider taking herbal supplements to boost your immune system. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. Use sunscreen when exposed to the sun as well as moisturizing lotion after bathing when skin is well hydrated.

Atopic means being predisposed to having allergic reactions, so if you know what triggers your reactions, of course protect yourself from outbreaks and avoid them.

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